Our Family Caring for Yours

Located in Butte, MT, we’ve been serving our communities since 2001. Our pharmacy staff have many years of healthcare experience and our friendly staff will treat you like family. Our pharmacists take the time to teach you about your conditions and medicines, and they are dedicated to helping you live healthier and happier. Visit us today to experience the Community Health Center Pharmacy difference.

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Our Team is Dedicated to Your Health and Wellness

Community Health Center (CHC) Pharmacy offers a wide range of services including conventional prescription filling, medication therapy management, immunizations, med sync and much more. CHC Pharmacy is open to everyone in our community and we invite you to come experience our excellent service. Our dedicated staff are committed to providing every patient access to essential medications at affordable prices. Our caring pharmacists will take the time to ensure that you understand your condition and medication. Because our pharmacy is owned by Southwest Montana Community Health Center (SWMTCHC), we can offer sliding fee discounts to patients who qualify based on income and family size. Our clinical pharmacists work closely with the medical providers at SWMTCHC and offer one-on-one patient appointments providing comprehensive medication therapy management and medication reconciliation services. Visit us today and let our caring, professional staff assist you with your medication needs.

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